Our team

Dollie & Stella Founder - Jo


Owner and founder
Hailing from Brighton in the UK, Jo went to high school in Alicante, Spain, where she began studying hair in 2004 and has worked in the industry ever since. She is particularly fond of extremes when it comes to colouring and styling – natural, lived-in looks and shags on the one hand; precision cuts and imaginative colour on the other. Disco is her musical genre of choice, and her three cats – Monte, Penny-Peach and Sage – are her pride and joy.
Dollie & Stella team - Josh


Stylist and colour technician
Josh has a keen interest in chemistry and the science behind what is happening with your hair, down to a molecular level. The self-professed ‘hair nerd’ grew up in Kincumber on the Central Coast and started his apprenticeship there in 2008. Both blonde and very bright colour work make him especially happy. When he’s not at the salon, you’ll find him having coffee at Ruby Lonesome, drinks at the Oxford Tavern or in the queue outside a venue for a live music gig.
Dollie and Stella Hairdresser - Eden


Stylist and colour technician
What Eden loves most about her work is the creative freedom her clients allow. If she’s taken by any one aspect of hair, it’s weird and wonderful colouring (think mermaids, unicorns and mythical creatures), but she also has a knack for natural blondes, balayage and merging all these styles into something that pushes new boundaries. If she’s not having a chat with you in the chair, it’s likely she’s singing and foiling at the same time.